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International Welding Engineers Textbook Series under the Editorship of Borys Paton

 Series of textbooks for international welding engineers in accordance with the "IIW Guideline for International Welding Engineers, Technologists, Specialists and Practitioners. Minimum Requirements for the Education, Examination and Qualification." The aim of the project is to present a slice of modern knowledge in the field of welding science, technologies and equipment. The work was spearheaded by Academician Borys Paton.
Surfacing and Additive Technologies in Welded Fabrication  New! $199.00 PDF Buy now
Surfacing and Additive Technologies in Welded Fabrication

The textbook is based on many years of experience of specialists from the department of metal surfacing technologies of E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute and “KPI” Igor Sikorsky Institute of Material Science and Welding.

The textbook provides physical basics and detailed technologies of a wide range of surfacing methods and materials for surfacing. Features of formation of structure and properties of the deposited metal, reasons of formation of defects and directions of prevention, certification of surfacing procedures are described...More info...

Quality Management in Welded Fabrication $149.00 PDF Buy now
Quality Management in Welded Fabrication

The textbook consists of four modules:

  • Quality management basics. Quality management system.
  • Measurement. Results Control and Registration in Welding.
  • Imperfections and acceptance criteria.
  • Non-destructive testing.
More info...
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2 Textbooks bundle: Surfacing and Quality Management in Welded Fabrication 14% off

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Corrosion of Welded Structures
Corrosion of Welded Structures

The textbook is being prepared for publication in November 2022.

The textbook covers:
  • basics of electrochemistry
  • main types of corrosion of welded structures
  • mechanisms of influence of welding consequences on the processes of corrosion destruction of welded structures
  • main methods of corrosion rate measurement
  • methods of welded structures  protection from corrosion
More info...
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