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The following opportunities for professional development are available to our subscribers this month:
1. To deliver excellence in customer interactions. Take advantage of our best-selling training program Audit Interview: Learn Journalists’ Secrets at 10% off regular price if registered in March 2013.
2. To keep up with best practices and new technologies. Read the Five at the Forefront article published in the March issue of Quality Progress that provides practical advice for auditors using the revised ISO 19011. Email your comments to the author Natalia Scriabina at 
3. To check “must have” project management knowledge. At no cost you can take a mini-test that covers ISO 21500:2012 and key aspects of quality in project management. Email your comments to the author Karen Creditor at 
4. To have a say in the development of ISO 14000. The International Organization for Standardization offer a unique opportunity to influence the development of next edition of ISO 14001. Read more.
5. To share best practices. Please let us know about lessons learned, and success stories regarding best practices that you would be interested in sharing with other quality professionals.
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