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Business Process Documentation with ISO 10244:2010

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The new international standard ISO 10244:2010 “Document management - Business process baselining and analysis” was issued on July 16, 2010 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
This standard reflects two major trends in document management. One trend is represented by the rapidly increasing amount of information that needs to be managed, both internal and external to the organization.
Another trend is represented by the increasing popularity and growing capabilities of electronic document management systems (EDMSs). A number of old issues related to paper based document management are gradually being taken off the agenda with the help of EDMSs, for example:
  • Providing unique identifiers for documents
  • Recording time stamps for changes and revisions
  • Identifying individuals issuing and modifying documents
  • Providing appropriate version control and archival
  • Ensuring document retention over agreed time
  • Providing easy location and tracking of documents
Most current EDMS systems are capable of supporting the functions listed above and prevent document management issues related to malfunctioning in these areas from happening.
As is mentioned by the ISO 10244:2010, some of the issues that many organizations need to handle with respect to document control and process management today are the following:
  • How much and what information needs to be gathered
  • The level of required details for each piece of information 
The ISO 10244:2010 standard provides practical advice on the following aspects of process baselining and analysis:
  •  defining the level of information required to be gathered,
  •  selecting methods of documenting the processes,
  • establishing procedures for analysis of business processes.
The guidelines of ISO 10244:2010 standard include a number of examples and flowcharts. The guidelines are contained on 8 pages, not including bibliography.
More ISO documents on document and record management:
Document Management
-  IEC 82045-1:2001 Document management -- Part 1: Principles and methods
-  IEC 82045-2:2004 Document management -- Part 2: Metadata elements and information reference model
Record Management
-  ISO 15489-1:2001 Information and documentation -- Records management -- Part 1: General
-  ISO/TR 15489-2:2001 Information and documentation -- Records management -- Part 2: Guidelines
-  ISO/TR 26122:2008 Information and documentation -- Work process analysis for records
Data Management
-  ISO/IEC 2382-4:1999 Information technology -- Vocabulary -- Part 4: Organization of data
-  ISO/IEC 2382-5:1999 Information technology -- Vocabulary -- Part 5: Representation of data
Management of Electronic Documents
  • ISO/TR 15801:2009 Document management -- Information stored electronically -- Recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability
  • ISO/TR 18492:2005 Long-term preservation of electronic document-based information
  • ISO 19005-1:2005 Document management -- Electronic document file format for long-term preservation -- Part 1: Use of PDF 1.4 (PDF/A-1)
  • ISO 22938:2008 Document management -- Electronic content/document management (CDM) data interchange format
  • ISO/TR 22957:2009 Document management -- Analysis, selection and implementation of electronic document management systems (EDMS)
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