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ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Procedure
Control of externally provided processes, products and services   updated! 

qsp84-external-provider 1) QSP regulates the control of external processes, products and services activities, including three categories:
  • Purchase management - ensuring delivery of products (equipment, raw materials, components, etc.) and services to be included in the Organization’s own products and services;
  • Outsourcing management - interaction with the external providers that perform the process or part of the process for the organization;
  • Management of Supply Chain on behalf of the Organization, including franchising - interaction with external providers that supply products and services directly to the customer(s) on behalf of the Organization.
2) QSP includes the originalSupplier Evaluation Methodology’ based on QFD-analysis.
3) QSP proposes the ‘External Provider Efficiencycriterion , which is determined via expert evaluation as a ratio of the supplier actual results and the activities expectations.
  • New Forms included:
    • QSF 8.4-01-01 Purchase request
    • QSF 8.4-01-02 List of purchases by category
    • QSF 8.4-01-03 Potential suppliers list
    • QSF 8.4-01-04 Ranked suppliers list
    • QSF 8.4-01-05 Approved suppliers list

  • 28 pages
  • MS Word
  • Type of delivery: Instant download
  • $49.00
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