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Are You Ready for ISO 9004:2009?
Prepare Many people exclusively connect the word “sustainability” with the word “green” in the context of ecology and environment protection. For other groups, such as users of Dow Jones Sustainability Index, sustainability strongly resonates with financial and investment management. Participants and observers of the World Economic Forum that gathers the world's political, cultural, and industry leaders every year in Davos, may see sustainability in a framework of global economical development. The reason for this would be the list of 100 World’s Most Sustainable Companies presented at each forum.
Sustainability has left its footprints in the area of international standardization and management systems as well.
In 2004 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) identified Sustainability as a strategic direction in which to develop and promote standards for a sustainable world. ISO declared that the international standards are intended to support sustainable development in at least three domains: economic growth, environmental integrity, and social equity.
On the level of organizations, sustainability extends across all interested parties and relates to attraction of talent, ethical codes of conduct, risk management, corporate citizenship, innovation, improvement and organizational learning. It resonates with such words as “success today and tomorrow”, “predictable development in unpredictable circumstances”, and “peace of mind”.
-  Do you find yourself among the groups of people we mentioned above?
-  What does Sustainability mean to you?
-  What does Sustainability mean to companies you audit and consult with?
-  Can you bring value to your clients by referring to appropriate sustainability practices?
-  Are you ready to effectively use the new ISO 9004:2009 “Managing for the sustained success of an organization — A quality management approach” in your work?
We are pleased to give you an opportunity to verify that the information you have on sustainability is the most recent and comprehensive, and to confirm that you are prepared to leverage this knowledge in your auditing and consulting practices.
This evaluation has three parts. Both Part 1 - Sustainability Concepts and Part 2 - Sustainability Milestones are developed around the most important organizations, events and documents historically related to sustainability. Part 3 - Sustainability Trends is built around the seven sustainability trends that provide a strong platform for creating intangible values focused on achieving sustained success of an organization.
The results will be emailed to you within 3 business days. We are offering this opportunity to certified auditors at no cost.
Important: the evaluation is time sensitive; please allocate the required amount of time for its completion.
I would like to take: Number of Questions Approximate time to complete

10 10 min
10 10 min
35 20 min
Dr. Gary Cort currently chairs ISO Technical Committee 176, which is responsible for the continued evolution of the ISO 9000 family of international quality management standards. Dr. Cort is a principal at Exxeos Group, an alliance of international management consulting firms focused on operational excellence through flawless execution. He works with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world to dramatically improve operational effectiveness. More...
Natalia Scriabina is QPRC’s Managing Director responsible for overseeing the portfolio of training courses and strategic partnerships. More...
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