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ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Procedure - Contract Analysis  updated! 

qsp82-contract-analysisi Features:
  • QSP requirements apply to the activities of the Sales department, as well as the activity of the ‘Design and development' and ‘Production’ process owners of in terms of analysis and meeting the requirements for products (services).
  • Contains Process model diagram with detailed Inputs and Outputs description
  • Describes risks and criteria of Contract Analysis process
  • User-friendly format and professional layout - reviewed and approved by experienced ISO 9001 quality auditors
  • New Forms included:
    • QSF 8.2-02-01 Contract(s) to deliver products (services).
    • QSF 8.2-02-02-a Disagreements protocol(s)
    • QSF 8.2-02-02-b Amendment agreement(s) (if necessary);
    • QSF 8.2-02-03 Reconciliation sheet(s).
    • QSF 8.5-01-02 Certificate of acceptance/transfer.

  • 20 pages
  • MS Word
  • Type of delivery: Instant download
  • $34.00
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